Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 12:00 pm in Brownsville, TN at Hope of Faith Church of the Lord Jesus Christ for the Women's Conference.

Friday, August 8, 2014 at 7:00 pm at New Hope Freewill Baptist Church for their Women Conference. 



22nd-Friday@ 7:00pm  Greater Victory Temple in Bethel Springs



17th- Sunday @ 4pm Greater Deliverance Ministries Fulton,KY



7th- Sunday @2:30pm Pentecostal Tabernacle COG Alamo,TN

28th-Sunday @2:30pm  Pentecostal House of Prayer and Deliverance  Brownsville, TN



24th @10am  Greater Community Temple, Jackson,TN

25th @ 2:30pm  Greater Evangelical Ministry, Selmer, TN



4th @2:00pm Hope of Faith Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Brownsville, TN


March 2012
16th @ 7:00pm  Greater Deliverance Ministries of Fulton, KY  2012 Women of Destiny Conference

April 2012
21st @ 9:00am  Church of the Living God of Humboldt, TN  2nd Annual Women's Conference

May 2012
2nd @ 7:00pm  Greater Heights Ministry of Brownsville, TN  Women of Faith Revival 

6th @ 3:00pm  Progressive Baptist Church of Martin, TN, Women's Day

27th @ 3:00pm   Parkers Temple Worship Center C.O.G.I.C, Lexington, TN,   Sweetheart Day

June 2012
16th @ 9:00am  Cedar Hill Full Gospel Church, Humboldt, TN, 2012 Annual Women Conference 

July 2012
20th @ 7:00pm  Pentecostal House of Prayer and Deliverance, Brownsville, TN, 2012 Annual Women Conference 

21st @ 10:00am   St. John #1 Baptist Church, Jackson, TN, Women Fellowship Service 

November 2012
11th @ 10:00am  Pleasant Plains Missionary Baptist Church, Humboldt, TN, Annual Senior Citizen Day Program

December 2012
1st @ 6:00pm  Humboldt Senior Citizen Center (202 N. Central Ave), Humboldt, TN, Banquet Dinner- 27th Pastoral Anniversary for Pastor Isaac & First Lady Brooks 

8th @ 10:00am  Lane Chapel C. M. E. Church (Family Life Center), Humboldt, TN, Annual Women's Day Prayer Brunch
February 2011
6th @ 3pm  Sixth Street Baptist Church in Humboldt, TN

March 2011
13th @ 3pm  Clora's Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Dyer, TN

18th @ 7pm Greater Deliverance Ministries South Fulton, KY for their Annual Women of Destiny Conference

May 2011
8th- Saturday @ Porter's Grove Baptist Church Humboldt,TN

June 2011
23rd - Saturday @ Student Baptist Center 2035 North Parkway in Jackson, TN at 6pm for Praise, Worship, and Testimony Program

September 2011
2nd - Friday @ Dyer Church of God. Service time 7pm

11th- Sunday @ Fellowship COG in Brownsville, TN.  Service time 2:30pm

25th - Sunday @ Emmanuel Miracle Church, in Trenton, TN. Service time at 2:00pm

November 2011
19th- Saturday @ 9:00am  Huntington Christian Fellowship Church in Huntington, TN for the annual prayer breakfast
February 2010

21st @ 3:00pm  Fellowship Church of God in Brownsville, TN

March 2010
19th @ 7:00pm  Greater Deliverance Ministries in Fulton, KY for their annual Women of Destiny Conference

April 2010
2nd @ 7:30pm Healing & Deliverance Service @ Lighthouse of Worship Ministries

9th @ 6:30pm  Morning Star Baptist Church in Humboldt, TN

May 2010   
5th @ 7:00pm Porter's Grove Baptist Chuch Humboldt,TN for their annual Women's Conference

9th  @ 3:00pm  Progressive MB Church in Martin, TN for their Women's Day Service

14th @ 7:00pm Mt.Zion Worship Center in Bradford, TN

23rd @ 3pm Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Jackson, Tn

29th @ 10:00am Faith Tabernacle in Jackson, Tn for Prayer Breakfast

June 2010
19th Prayer & Praise Breakfast @ Cedar Hill Full Gospel Church in Humboldt, TN

July 2010
25th @ 11am Holy Divine in Caruthersville, MO

August 2010
7th & 8th @ Clora'a Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church of America in Dyer, TN for a Women's Conference: 7th- Saturday from 10am-2pm and the 8th- Sunday evening service starting at 3pm

15th @ 2pm The Lord's Healing and Deliverance Center in Humboldt, TN

22nd @ 3pm Anointed Faith World Church & Outreach Ministries in Memphis, TN

September 2010
15th @ 7pm Porter Grove Baptist Church in Humboldt, TN for the 2nd Annual Women's Conference-"Honoring Women of Wisdom"

25th @ 1pm  Divine Deliverance PHC Apostolic Faith in Lexington, TN for their Annual Women Conference

25th @ 7pm   New Life Church in Humboldt, TN  for their 2010 Women Conference

26th @ 3pm   Open Door Church of God in Christ in Dyersburg, TN for the Pastor's Aid Program

December 2010
26th @ 3pm  Fellowship Church of God in Brownsville,TN for Pre-Appreciation Service
February 2009

21st @ 9:00 am. Cedar Hill Full Gospel Church in Humboldt, TN

March 2009
13th @ 7:00 pm. Greater Deliverance Ministries in Fulton, KY
21st @ 9:00 am.  Phillips Chapel CME Church in Milan, TN

April 2009
3rd @ 7:00 pm.  Church of the Living God in Humboldt, TN
4th @ 10am  Brownsville, TN w/Pastors Billy & Rose Johnson
24th @ 7pm  Grace Fellowship (located on Humboldt/Trenton Hwy near Fruitland) w/Pastor Jerry Pittman

June 2009
13th   Registration beginning @ 9:00 am.  Gods International Outreach Ministries located at New Macedonia Baptist Church in Fruitvale, TN for their Women Conference entitled "Women Who Have Been Through The Storm"

28th @ 2:30pm  Men's and Women's Day @ Cedar Hill Full Gospel Church in Humboldt, TN  

August 2009
15th @ 10:00am  St. John #1 Baptist Church in Jackson, TN

September 2009
11th @ 7pm  Brooks Chapel  Fulton, KY

October 2009
2nd  @ 6:30pm  Agape Church in Humboldt, TN
17th @ 12:00pm New Pentecostal Church of a Living God in Humboldt, Tn
18th @ 10:00am  Faith Deliverance Center in Jackson, TN
18th @ 3:30pm  Anointed Church of the Living God in Union City, TN- Pastor's Anniversary 
31st @ 3:00pm  Parkers Chapel CME Church in Gibson, TN- Harvest Tea

November 2009
30th @ 6:00pm  Kingdom Seekers Interdenominational  Church in Jackson, TN - Restoration of Women Conference